Lanzado OpenCms 7.5.4

28/03/2011       Sergio Raposo Vargas

Alkacon lanza la que a priori será última versión de la saga 7.5.X de OpenCms donde se resuelven algunos de los bugs más importantes detectados hasta el momento en la versión 7.5.3.



La lista de bugs resueltos son:

  • Fixed issue #1717: DB deadlock if OpenCms hits db.pool.default.maxActive when db.pool.default.whenExhaustedAction=block
  • Fixed issue #1900: Performance Patch for OpenCms
  • Fixed issue #1901: Workplace login page security issue
  • Fixed issue #1909: Internet Explorer crashes after saving structured XML content with image added from gallery into HTML field
  • Fixed issue #1942: Publish scheduled jobs are missing after server restart
  • Fixed issue #1945: Avoid reflected XSS on some authenticated resources (provided by Michele Orru)
  • Fixed issue #1949: Database size does not decrease after (completely) deleting resources
  • Fixed issue when creating a new user or editing an existing user using an Oracle database
  • Fixed issue using delete and lock resource when called without path parameter
  • Fixed issue in galleries: Broken layout with long item file names or titles
  • Fixed premature publish thread interruption within CmsShell
  • FCKEditor compatible with Internet Explorer 9 and Firefox 4
  • Added new optional CmsShell start parameter to load additional commands
 Nueva versión OpenCms 7.5.4